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3 months travel, here I come!

As of 12:00 Noon this Friday I will be free from 90% of my adult responsibilities... I've paid my bills up until September, Im packing my life up into boxes, I've covered my rent for another month in Melbourne and on Saturday I start my 3 month journey of being a bit of a young nomad, doing some travel around the east coast of Australia before heading back to my home state by end of September/early october.

My current itinierary/trips so far...

  • Saturday will see me take a four our flight from Melbourne to Denpasar (Bali) to spend a week with my beutiful family, in the warmth.

  • A week later, I am back in Victoria, in which my plans are unknown at this stage, maybe mostly netflix and couch!

  • A week into August will see me head to freezing cold Tasmania for 8 days (technically a week) Me and my beutiful car will be talking a water trip over on the Spirit of Tasmania, in which I stay a day in Devenport, head to Cradel Mountain for a overnight stay, Queenstown, Hobart for two nights, up to launceston for a night and then back to Devenport and on the Spirit of Tasmania back to Melbourne.

  • From there, I will plan my next plan of attack, including a quick Sydney trip, and Hopefully sunny QLD again! (open to suggestions)

  • Eventually I'll be heading back on a roadtrip to Perth, but for now.. looking forward to my great outdoors adventures. 

I will be documenting my trips on here as a bit of a travel blog I guess, as well as somewhere I can keep memories of my trips!

2015 Reflection..

Last time I did a reflection, I had packed up a complete house on my own, sent it to storage, had my shoulder operation and hopped in a plane and moved to the other side of Australia to Melbourne and almost 6 months on I don't regret a thing!

Moving to another state (even though I had the man I love by my side) was one of the most adventurous, scariest things I had ever done. I had always wanted to venture away so Im glad I had the opportunity to do!

So 2015, saw a lot of ups and downs, job and career changes, health ups and downs, drama and adventure and a bit of a broken heart. It saw me grow as an adult, and make decisions I never thought I would never make.

2016 will see...

  • me continue to grow as an adult

  • become more patient and stress free

  • my health and fitness flourish to my ideal "me"

  • new adventures and travels

  • a trip to QLD (mostly for work) and maybe bali (with family)

  • connecting with old friends, make new ones

  • my businesses grow (so i can save some more)

and im sure much much more!!

Looking forward to spending the rest of 2015 back in Perth, and heading back home to Melbourne for a week before I head back to work for 2016!

It's time to go....

Well... not long to go now.. In about 8 hours I will be officially in melbourne with Ben.. I am feeling all of the emotions but very excited to be going on a new adventure, stepping out my comfort zone and taking on what I know will be a challenging, fun, new life experience for me.

As dramatic as it sounds.. I am emotionally drained I have been waiting and waiting for this day to come for a few months now, the longer the wait I think the more emotional and maybe harder it has become for me, leaving my home town where Ive spent the last 27 years growing up, taking on life challenges, experiencing rollercoaster rides of adventures and speed humps in life, nevertheless BRING IT ON!

amongst trying to pack what i have left over (that was never packed and put in storage to be shipped to Melbourne) and failing about 50 times,  I've done some reflecting, maybe a bit of the whole "too much thinking" and I wanted to reflect an celebrate a few people in my life who have supported me throughout some amazing and tough times....

Family - I just wanted to shout out to my dad, Jodi, James and nan - I just wanted to say THANK YOU, thank you for the ongoing laughs, fun times, providing me a roof over my head when needed, helping me out financially when shit went to hell, thank you for believing in me, and letting me make my life decisions my own (even if sometimes they were not the right decision to make) and helping me pick up the pieces if they went wrong! You guys rock and will very much miss our times spent together xx  and a shout out to Ben’s family also for making me feel a part of the family all the dinners (delish food) and time spent with me whilst Ben was away, muchly appreciated and can’t wait to come back and catch up with you all x

Jade - The one person in the PYAC when I first joined who I thought... we won’t be friends lol.. well look at us now wasn't I wrong, I love you like a sister, you are just the most amazing chick and I couldn't imagine my life now with you not in it. no matter how long it is between coffee catch ups, bonsai dinners or just a wine here or there its only like we saw each other yesterday. You have shown me what true friendship, courage and confidence is... you have had my back no matter what I have gone through from boy troubles, to battling my personal demons, to freaking out about a speech in front of hundreds of people, to coming to my rescue when I had appendicitis and making sure I was OK in hospital and taking me home (and looking after my car) ... cannot wait to party it up in Melbs and Canberra with you later in the year, love you like a fat kid loves cake chick  xx

Nyssa - My fellow swimming buddy - I thoroughly value your friendship, from my first day at CCA I knew we would be friends, I am going miss our once in a half a year catch up, Im going to miss the thought once my shoulder is better we can't go back to being swimming buddies (though I will be hitting up the pools in vic don't you worry about that) going to miss birthday fun with you, dancing and having a few drinks and letting our hair down! Thank you for letting me be me and show my full potential in and out of a professional space - Thank you for all your coaching, guidance and of course your home cooked meals... - keep that diary of yours handy for my visit back to Perth, dinner dates  will be in order. xx

Darwin - Uncle Darwin, D-dog, mate.. words can not explain how much of an amazing person you are and how much I am going to miss your face - from that first day meeting you, signing up to Snap Fitness, you have shown nothing but best friendship qualities, you are the most caring, compassionate, thoughtful and of course bloody hilarious bloke I have ever met and I am glad that you are in my life! You have shown me a love for health, wellness and fitness (even though right now im a lazy fatty) you have shown me that I can fight my demons, relax and look after myself when required, you have shown me how to let my hair down and let loose on the dance floor (and not give a shit about what others think) you have shown me what dedication and hard work is, and you have brightened up some of the most shittiest days of my life and lent your ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.. I haven’t even left yet, but I already can’t wait to come back and have a drink and talk shit with you (any maybe a few PT sessions) ;)  love you matey, your one in a million!

Steph - women, one of my longest lasting school friend, we may not see each other often either but its always like we saw each other yesterday, I have watch you grown in to a wonderful, confident, beautiful women - I am so glad I have remained friends with you, to see you grow, to getting married to having the most gorgeous little bundle of joy your daughter is a ray of sunshine. I am going to miss our reminiscing about the good old school days (social studies class mostly haha) and our random catch ups post school years... PS I will find that photo of us all in subi that i was talking about yesterday.. <3 you kiddo.

Kim - Kimmy Mc Kimbo.. lady, we haven’t caught up for ever - but nonetheless you always have my back! Thank you for the many many many fun times, being able to spend and celebrate your wedding day with you, and for all the advice and guidance over the hundreds of years of friendship (though sometimes I may not follow it) all these years… Your daughters are growing up to be beautiful young ladies and I look forward to keeping in touch and you and them grown even more! You and your family will always have a special space in my heart <3 you chick. PS – that spaceship to see the crust bits of the world, still hasn’t been built – we should really get onto that LOL! Going to miss you my friend lots of <3 to you

Everyone else, particularly WA peeps... thank you for being an important part of my life, whether we are friends, family or past colleagues you have all had an impact on my life here in WA and I am super grateful to all. Looking forward to catching up when I return for holidays (or for good)

Lia xx



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